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Testimonials from our many satisfied clients

I have been working with Main Street Accounting for a year now, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for my business! Although I love organizing, bookkeeping is just not my thing! Patricia and Kristi are so friendly, patient, and have an excellent eye for detail. I love that they catch all the little things I hadn’t noticed. They always know what to do in terms of using Quickbooks and staying consistent with noting income and expenses. They are communicative and always respond back to my questions very quickly. I am so grateful to have them as part of my team! They lift a huge weight off of my shoulders. I was originally referred to them by other well-respected people in my industry. I will continue to refer Main Street to other business owners. Thank you so much for doing such an efficient job!

  • Jean Prominski, Seattle Sparle

As a relatively new small business owner, I have found Patricia and her wonderful team absolutely invaluable! I initially attempted to manage the company books myself, which in reality meant ignoring the books, creating a huge uncategorized mess of transactions to deal with. Patricia, Kristi and Carmen not only worked their way through the mess, finding and correcting mistakes along the way, they did so with good humor! Working with them has been my best business decision so far. Their rates are very reasonable, they are incredibly dedicated, knowledgeable and reliable, and are readily available for questions and problem solving. Thank you Main Street Accounting!

  • Roz Fratter, Mike O'Malley Painting, LLC

We love working with Patricia and her team at Main Street Accounting. They are detailed, proactive, always friendly, and best of all, they give us a peace of mind knowing that our business is in good hands!

  • Jun Young, ZUM Communications

I love Patrica and the team at Main Street Accounting! I'm a very small business, but they treat me very well, help me understand things when I'm a bit confused, and I feel like they have my back all the time. Thank you all - Main Street is my go to referral if anyone asks me for accounting services.

  • Eric Boston, High Gear Creative, LLC

I do not know what I would do without Patricia, she is absolutely amazing!

As the owner of a small business, there are so many different tasks you are to complete in a given week. Bookkeeping is my least favorite of all of them. I hired Patricia five years ago and it is one of the best investments I make each month in my business. I no longer have to worry about my books. I know they are done correctly and all the I's are dotted and T's are crossed. Tax time is simple, there is no stress or worry at all and they are done quickly and turned over to my CPA. My CPA has even stated the books look great every time she receives them and it makes her work faster and in turn less expensive for my business.

I have even been audited by the government and the process was low stress and quick, because of the clean and accurate work completed by Main Street Accounting.

If there is one thing I would highly recommend as a business owner, it is to hire Main Street Accounting! Patricia and her team taking care of my books allows me to handle other important tasks in my business and gives me more time to focus on my clients, which in turn, increases my income. I truly do not know what I would do without Patricia and the peace of mind she brings to running my business.

  • Linda Deppa, Uncluttered Professional Organizing
Main Street Accounting is very professional and very knowledgeable regarding my business. They are accurate, detailed oriented, and reliable. I have used Main Street Accounting for years and don't know how I would live without them! I’m very happy with the service and recommend them to anyone.
  • Danielle B.
Patricia provides a valuable service to my firm by keeping our books tight and up to date. She provides monthly financial metrics that we use to focus our sales efforts and assure we’re growing profitably. Patricia has the experience and skills necessary in managing our QuickBooks installation and often leads us on how we should structure our accounting practices. I would highly recommend Patricia, she’s a great addition to any business’ leadership team.
  • Chris Lindstrom, Ceptara Corporation
I‘ve had a very positive experience working with Main Street Accounting over the last few months on a personal matter. As conservator for my father, I am responsible for providing a detailed accounting of all expenditures for the California courts, using their specific and inaccessible forms. With very little support from me, a very detailed accounting was prepared that met all of the required criteria. I found the service that I received to be very responsive, accurate and professional, and services were provided in a thoughtful way that understood and appreciated my busy schedule. I would highly recommend Main Street Accounting for anyone seeking accounting support.
  • Paula Hoffman, Vice President of Government Relations, Lighthouse for the Blind
Patricia of Main Street Accounting has the skills that every small business needs. While I am out working in my profession, doing what I do best and am passionate about, Patricia facilitates my payroll and tax issues and allows me to see the minutia and the big picture of my business through profit and loss. I have time to assess all the numbers that come my way, such as marketing trends and client retention, since I am not absorbed by the tedious day to day accounting of days past. Patricia is well worth the investment. A keeper in my business!
  • Denise Allan, Professional Organizing, Simplify with Denise
Unlike most bookkeepers, Patricia brings friendliness and a sense of humor to the job. Results are accurate and timely, her recommendations insightful and her performance consistently good. There’s a reason we left the other guys and remain fully satisfied with our move to Main Street Accounting.
  • Jeff & Kim Thomas, Owners, Crossroad Sign