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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will Main Street Accounting staff come to our office?
    Yes, if that is your preference, we will come to your office to work. QuickBooks desktop software can also be hosted in the cloud, and some clients use QuickBooks Online. With either of those solutions, our staff can work from our offices, and you can access the file at the same time. We can also log in remotely to your system, if you have the appropriate software set up.
  2. How do we get documents to you?
    Documents can be securely uploaded through our website portal, which encrypts the files. Documents can also be faxed, mailed, we can pick them up from your office, or you can drop them off at our office.
  3. Can you set up our QuickBooks file for us?
    Yes, we can set up a QuickBooks file for you from scratch, convert a Quicken file to QuickBooks, or convert your QuickBooks Online file to QuickBooks desktop versions.
  4. Will you train us how to use QuickBooks?
    Yes, we provide one-on-one training, and can provide written instructions for many common QuickBooks tasks.
  5. Why do I need a bookkeeper?
    Engaging a bookkeeping service gives you peace of mind, knowing that your business accounting records are up to date, and accurate. It frees up your time to focus on growing your business, and providing high quality service to your customers. When your accounting records are clean and accurate, it allows your Tax Accountant to quickly complete your business income tax forms, saving them time, and saving you money.
  6. Why do I need financial statements?
    1. Are you thinking about hiring more employees, buying equipment, or purchasing a company vehicle? Knowing if your business can afford these commitments allows you to make sound financial decisions that can have long-term effects on your company’s well-being.
    2. Have you borrowed money for your business, or are you considering securing a loan or line of credit? Most lenders require you to submit financial statements before granting a loan, and periodically throughout the life of the loan.
    3. Knowing your company’s financial position allows you to work with your Tax Accountant on your financial and tax planning.
  7. Can you set up and process payroll for us?
    Yes, Main Street Accounting uses QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll for our payroll clients. We can set up a separate QuickBooks file just for your payroll processing, or if we maintain your company QuickBooks file on our system, we can add the Enhanced Payroll to your company file.
  8. Can I pay my employees with direct deposit?
    Yes, Intuit charges a small fee per paycheck, per payroll processing, for the direct deposit service.
  9. Can you file and pay my payroll taxes electronically?
  10. Yes, with QuickBooks Enhanced Payroll, payroll tax returns are filed electronically, and payroll tax payments are paid electronically. The WA Dept. of Labor & Industries returns are filed electronically via the WA SAWS online system.
  11. Can you issue our W-2 Forms at the end of the year?
    Yes, we print and mail your employees’ W-2 Forms, and electronically file the W-2’s with the Social Security Administration.
  12. Can you print 1099 Forms for us at the end of the year?
    Yes, if we have received a W-9 Form for all appropriate vendors, we can print and mail your company’s 1099-MISC forms to your vendors. We also send copies to the IRS, along with the 1096 Form.